The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern

Celia and Marco are bound together in a decades-long, magical game. Unfortunately, they were chosen as children, had no choice in the matter, were never told the rules, and aren’t sure how to win. Their shadowy benefactors give them only vague guidance. The venue for the game is Le Cirque De Reves. The night circus opens at dusk and closes at dawn, arriving in town without warning. Within its wrought iron fence is a monochromatic maze of black and white tents, each containing a constantly shifting set of attractions as mystical as the circus itself: a maze of clouds, an ice garden on fire, a living carousel, and exotic entertainers from around the globe. There is a myriad of intriguing supporting characters who are vividly drawn (some of which end up being a bit more interesting than the main characters), and these characters, along with the circus itself, create the enchanting and mesmerizing atmosphere of The Night Circus. While the non-linear story telling can take some getting used to, and the lavish descriptions can sometimes slow the story, a reader willing to go with Celia and Marco on their magical journey won’t be disappointed.