Cinder by Marissa Meyer

Being a cyborg means Cinder is a talented mechanic who can tell when people are lying, but it also means she’s a second-class citizen in this sci-fi fairy tale reboot complete with an evil stepmother who resents her, two stepsisters, and of course, a prince. The backdrop to Marissa Meyer’s dystopian retelling is a plague-infested future earth about to be invaded by the Queen of the Moon. If this sounds like a lot to pack in, it is. But it somehow works. Cinder is a tough main character, a far cry from the traditional damsel in distress, who finds herself thrust into the middle of intergalactic politics and a forbidden attraction to Prince Kai, as she learns secrets about her past she wished she’d never discovered. This unique spin on Cinderella will captivate and satisfy science fiction and fairy tales fans alike.