White Smoke by Tiffany D. Jackson

Mari’s newly blended family moves from California to a rusted-out midwestern town when her mom accepts a new job that comes with a free house. Their renovated home, however, is surrounded by dilapidated houses in a sparsely populated neighborhood with a sinister history. Upon their arrival, things happen inside Mari’s new house: objects move, a strange odor emanates from the basement, and mysterious voices call out at night that only Mari seems to hear. But with her debilitating bed bug phobia and reliance on marijuana, no one believes her. White Smoke tackles an extensive list of social issues from gentrification, to unjust incarceration, to criminalization of marijuana, to addiction and family disfunction. It’s a lot to pack into one story. However, it’s the troubled main character, tense atmosphere, and urban take on a haunted house tale that drives this nightmare, leaving readers with images and memories that aren’t soon forgotten.