(Don’t you) Forget About Me by Kate Karyus Quinn

Gardnerville is a magical town where no one gets sick and everyone has a long life. Every fourth year, teenagers go on a killing spree with their newly developed super powers. Then there’s the ominous reformatory at the heart of Gardnerville that claims to help the town’s troubled youths. And on top of all this, your guide through this strange and surreal town is Skylar, a girl who spends most of the first half of the novel stoned on a drug called Forget-Me-Not, as she searches for the truth behind what happened to her sister during the last fourth year killing. (Don’t You) Forget About Me is a twisted, weird story that provides way more questions than explanations, but will stay with you long after the exciting climax. Author Kate Karyus Quinn creates an idealistic small town with dark secrets and a main character who alternates between melancholic and tragic. The unusual premise won’t be for everyone, but if you let Quinn take you on Skylar’s unique journey and don’t overthink it, you’ll enjoy the wild ride.