It Looks Like Us by Alison Ames

After applying online, Riley and five other teens are selected to spend their winter break in Antarctica to research climate change at the facility of a wealthy tech tycoon. Soon after arrival, however, Riley feels like they are being watched and grows suspicious of the only two adults on campus. She writes it off to her panic attacks and paranoia—until sinister and horrifying things start to happen. Ames develops a cast of modern teens, each with complicated backstories that add intriguing depth to their survival dynamics as they hide from an unearthed, shapeshifting monster. The gruesome and gory descriptions of the creature shifting are nearly upstaged by Riley’s vividly-drawn claustrophobic and exhausting journey of survival on the most isolated continent. Even with a climate change backdrop and a thinly veiled commentary on billionaires who operate above the law, this is a pulse-pounding, relentless horror story that will make you root for its characters and cringe at every sight of their predator.